L2P Research Laboratories are located just minutes from the heart of the New York academic and biotech communities.
L2P Research Labs operate GLP compliant and AAALAC approved research facilities
L2P Research acquires
Metis Laboratories, Inc.
L2P Research® offers a wide range of Invitro studies
L2P Research® offers IND enabling studies
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Immuno-Oncology (IO)

Spontaneous Tumor Models

Humanized Animal Models


Our Research Services


Tumor Studies 

L2P Research has over 200 tumor cell lines available to use in Immune competent and immunocompromised mice


Immuno-Oncology (IO)

Utilizing the strength of our own Immune system to fight cancers is proving to be very successful approach.


Focal Radiation

Focal radiation therapy delivers very precise and intense doses of radiation, typically in 1 to 5 total treatments.


Humanized Animal Models

Immunodeficient mice engrafted with functional human cells and tissues, i.e., “humanized mice”,


Spontaneous Tumor Studies

Spontaneous mouse models develop tumors under the influence of genetic modification that imitates nature disease.


Invitro Studies

L2P Research Labs offer a wide range of in vitro studies specifically developed to serve our customers.


Years of Experience
Research Awards


Our  Research Quality

We Employ the Latest Research Technologies & Methods                            |Immuno-Oncology (IO)

L2P Research Labs takes pride of employing highly qualified scientists with several years of research experience. Our Research facilities are GLP compliant with robust quality assurance program in place. We equipped our Labs with state-of-the-art instruments to handle your IND enabling studies. We are committed to deliver high quality research that will further strengthen your Preclinical project. Immuno-Oncology (IO) .


Latest News

EPublication – L2P Research® sponsored Research

Biomechanical properties of 3D-printed bone scaffolds are improved by treatment with CRFP https://josr-online.biomedcentral.com/track/pdf/10.1186/s13018-017-0700-2?site=josr-online.biomedcentral.com ......

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