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L2P Research LLC, a leading preclinical CRO, today announced that it had completed its acquisition of METIS Research Laboratories headquartered in Ronkonkoma, New York. The Acquisition adds to L2P’s network 5,000 square-foot GLP compliant facility which is focused on providing Radiobinding assays, preclinical toxicology and whole body autoradiograph (QWBA) for innovators of advanced biotherapeutics. 

 METIS Laboratories was founded in 2010 and provides radiotracer services for pharma, biotech, and academic organizations across the world. METIS Laboratories employs one of the oldest methods used for the evaluation of drug molecules, the "Gold Standard", which is radiometric analysis of lead compounds. The offer standard and specialized services in the areas of radioligand binding assays (HTS), receptor occupancy determinations, autoradiography, Quantitative Whole-Body autoradiography, ADME-PK, small animal imaging and custom radiolabeling & synthesis.

Yianni Piyis, METIS Laboratories co-founder, commented, “We are extremely happy. The combination of L2P Research with its extraordinary team of professionals and METIS Laboratories provides the pharmaceutical and biotech world with a partner for start-to-end lead discovery services enabling Scientists to improve their research productivity and effectiveness and getting them to reach their goals.” 

Dr. Anaganti, Chief Executive Officer of both Metis and L2P Research, commented, “Metis brings extraordinary capabilities and an established reputation in providing Preclinical Toxicology services, We believe that our partnership with Metis Laboratories is a fantastic opportunity to provide a unique portfolio of Drug screening services, Ligand binding assays and Quantitative Whole body imaging services that are crucial for IND filing. We believe that Metis and L2P Research have a bright future together.”

About L2P Research

L2P Research, LLC is a Pennsylvania based Research organization that provides integrated R&D support in all the key areas of Pharmaceutical development. With a large worldwide customer base, L2P provides a complete array of research services as required for Investigational New Drug Applications (IND).

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