In vitro Studies

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L2P Research® offers a wide range of in vitro studies specifically developed to serve our customers. These services sometimes provide a frame work to design in vivo efficacy studies.

We are fully GLP compliant facility that operates under strict Internal SOPs and regulatory guidelines.

Our in vitro services including:

  • LC/MS Method Development and Validation (Bioanalytical services) - GLP/Non-GLP Service
  • Flow cytometry (FACS calibur, FACS ARIA, BD LSR FORTESSATM)
  • Cytotoxicity assays - We perform Assay design & Validation
  • apoptosis, angiogenesis and invasion assays
  • IC50/EC50 assays -  High throughput assays available
  • Immunohistochemistry
  • High throughput western blot analysis
  • Custom Cloning and generation of stable lines
  • Quantitave Whole Body Autoradiography  (Leica CM3600 XP - Whole Body Sectioning with GLP documentation)
  • Radiolabeled Binding assays - In-House Radio active License

*Please  Contact Us to setup a meeting to discuss our Research Capabilities.