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In vitro Studies

  L2P Research® offers a wide range of in vitro studies specifically developed to serve our customers. These services sometimes provide a frame work to design in vivo efficacy studies. We are fully GLP compliant facility that operates under strict Internal SOPs and regulatory guidelines. Our in vitro services including: LC/MS Method Development and Validation (Bi...

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Spontaneous Tumor Models

Spontaneous mouse models develop tumors under the influence of genetic modification that imitates natural disease condition in humans. Spontaneous tumor models provide most clinically relevant tumor microenvironment to study immunotherapeutic mechanism and strategies. L2P Research® offers spontaneous tumor models specific to Pancreas, prostate, lung, mammary Tumors, hea...

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CD34+ engraftment

Immunodeficient mice engrafted with functional human cells and tissues have become increasingly important as pre-clinical animal models for the study of human diseases. L2P Research® offers CD34+ hematopoietic stem cell-engraftment service, these mice can develop multi-lineage human immune cells. < We Perform In-House verification by FACS to assess Engraftment > W...

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Focal Radiation Studies

Focal radiation therapy delivers very precise and intense doses of radiation, typically in 1 to 5 total treatments. Studies combining Focal radiation with Antibody or chemo therapies have been gaining tremendous value to treat cancers.   L2P Research® offers advanced stereotactic body radiation therapy (SBRT), also known as stereotactic ablative body radiotherapy (S...

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Utilizing the strength of our own Immune system to fight cancers is proving to be very successful approach. Immuno-oncology (I/O) is emerging as one of the key areas in oncology drug discovery and development. L2P Research® offers more than 30 syngeneic cancer models to be used in immune competent mice. We have fully validated tumor lines ready to be implanted for your...

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Tumor Studies

L2P Research has over 200 Tumor Cell lines available to use in Immune competent and immuno compromised mice. All our Cell line stocks are obtained from authentic sources and characterized in animal models. Our Tumor inoculation techniques offer lowest level of variability between animal to animal within the cohort. Our scientists meticulously perform the procedures to avoi...

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We Employ the Latest Research Technologies & Methods

We Employ the Latest Research Technologies & Methods

L2P Research Labs takes pride of employing highly qualified scientists with several years of research experience. Our Research facilities are GLP compliant with robust quality assurance program in place. We equipped our Labs with state-of-the-art instruments to handle your IND enabling studies. We are committed to deliver high quality data that will further strengthen your research.

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