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Utilizing the strength of our own Immune system to fight cancers is proving to be very successful approach.
  • Immuno-oncology (I/O) is emerging as one of the key areas in oncology drug discovery and development.
  • L2P Research® offers more than 30 syngeneic cancer models to be used in immune competent mice.
  • We have fully validated tumor lines ready to be implanted for your next I/O study.
  • Our Syngeneic tumor models have been published in prestigious journals like “Cell” and “Cancer Research”.
  • For several of our models, we have growth curves available, and we continue to build our data with therapeutic antibodies like anti-CTLA-4, anti-PDL-1, and anti-PD-1.
  • Our I/O models include cancers specific to Colon, Brain, Lung, Skin, Liver, Pancreas, Kidney and ovaries.
  • We also provide tumors/spleens and peripheral blood  from our Syngeneic models, to optimize your FACS analysis.  <<  CLICK HERE TO ORDER TISSUES >>

Validated syngeneic Models

Cell line
Mice Strain
Tissue type
MC38/ MC-38 LUC/MC38-hPD1/PDL1 C57BL/6 Colon
Panc-02 / Panc-02-LUC C57BL/6 Pancreas
LL/2 C57BL/6 Lung
3LL C57BL/6 Lung
EG7.OVA C57BL/6 Lymphocyte
EMT-6 BALB/C Breast
4T1 / 4T1-LUC BALB/C Breast
ID8 C57-Albino Ovarian
ID8-LUC C57 -Albino Ovarian
Renca  BALB/C Kidney
Renca-LUC BALB/C Kidney
M-109 (Madison -109) BALB/C Lung
CT26 BALB/C Colon
B16F10 C57BL/6 Melanoma
Raji-B NSG-CD34+/Humanized Lymphocyte
OVCAR-3 NSG-CD34+/Humanized Ovarian
MMTV-PyMT TG  (Spontaneous) FVB / C57BL6 Breast
E0771 (CRL-3461) C57BL/6 Breast
KRAS-Mut/53-Mut/Pancreatic CRE FVB /C57BL/6 Pancreas


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